Is underwire or non-wired bra better?

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Underwire or non-wired bra? That’s the question!

In the world of lingerie, underwire and non-wired bras are like a ballet dancer or a close friend: both have their own superpowers and unique qualities.

Imagine that underwire bras are like those elegant ballet dancers that offer you strong and firm support, for those who prefer to have everything under control during the day. With their underwires placed underneath the cups, these bras are like your dance partners, keeping every move in place and holding everything up so much!

On the other hand,
non-wired bras
are like your trusted best friends that give you complete freedom. They are like a soft and comforting hug, perfect for those who want to feel free as the wind. With no rigid parts to limit you, these bras are ideal for low-impact activities or simply to enjoy day-to-day life without worry.

Some advantages and disadvantages of underwire and non-underwire bras:

Underwire bra


  1. They offer support and elevation, usually liked by women with large breasts. Usually stiffer and more filled.
  2. They shape the shape of the chest, creating a more lifted and rounded appearance.
  3. They usually raise the chest a bit and some with padding at the bottom even more.
  4. For some women, it gives them more security and confidence.


  1. They are not suitable for developmental stages such as preadolescence, adolescence, and pregnancy, when breast size may change.
  2. They can be uncomfortable or restrictive if you don’t wear the right size.
  3. They are not recommended for breastfeeding or post-operative periods, as they can cause discomfort or interfere with healing.

Non-wired bra


  1. They provide a sense of freedom of movement. It doesn’t feel cramped and stiff, perfect for daily activities or sports.
  2. They offer a more natural hold, without rigid structures that can feel restrictive.
  3. They are comfortable and suitable for developmental stages such as pre-adolescence, as they are better suited to changes in breast size. It is highly advisable to use a non-wired bra with which we do not squeeze the breasts during their growth.
  4. They are ideal for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as they can better adjust to changes in breast size.


  1. The truth is that I don’t find any disadvantages 😉 But if you like to have your breasts high up in a more artificial way, this may not be your option.
  2. They may not provide the same round-shaped definition as underwire bras.
  3. Some styles may not be suitable for all activities or types of clothing, such as bras tops may not be the best for going with a party dress.

In conclusion

In our day and age where comfort and freedom of movement are increasingly important,

non-wired bras

are like that soft hug that tells you, “Relax, friend, you’re in your comfort zone!” They’re like dessert after a heavy dinner: light, delicious, and fuss-free.

Not only do these non-wired bras offer a feeling of lightness and naturalness, but they also allow us to accept ourselves as we are, embracing the beauty of our natural form. By opting for underwire bras, we’re not only prioritizing our physical and emotional well-being, but we’re also challenging imposed beauty standards and celebrating body diversity.

So why not welcome comfort and authenticity into our daily lives? Long live the acceptance of our bodies and to feel free and unrestricted!

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