Old new techniques


In ai!culotte I have always wanted to reuse and take advantage of fabrics that perhaps other brands discard or do not use.

That´s how it occurred to me to give another life to some cotton fabrics that I had in my workshop.

Being able to give them another life to become unique pieces or limited editions garments is what I like the most.

That´s how I started to investigate the SHIBORI technique.

First you start folding the fabric in equal parts, then you tie it up


Shibori Japanese means “to twist” in japanese, squeeze, press, tie, and it is a very ancient technique where certain areas of the fabric are “blocked” to prevent them from being dyed. This lock can be done in different ways: knotting, tying, gathering, folding, rolling, pressing or sewing the fabric.

Each technique has a different name and draws a pattern on the fabric, and depending on the pressure generated in each piece of fabric, the dye will or will not enter the fibers and create a unique piece!

Here are my mom´s hands . Josefina .

First I did a mini test, with a piece of cloth about 20x20cm I gave it to my mother (the dyeing expert), and the truth is that the result was great!

Then we went into action and did it in the final fabrics. The experience was lots of fun. First because learning a new way of dyeing that its appearance dates back to the VIII century in Japan and also by the surprise when opening the fabric and seeing the result. Every time it comes out differently depending on the pressure exerted and the time of the dyeing bath.

With these fabrics I will make limited edition pieces, which will be soon in the shop.

I hope you enjoyed this tour in the art of Shibori … see you soon with more news 🙂

These are recycled wood from fruit boxes, and they worked perfectly .

After the dye bath.

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