Sustainable Period Box with menstrual cup


The Sustainable Period Box, it´s a great gift!

The box is designed to have a zero waist period. You will find:

1- Naturcup vaginal cup (size 2).
2- Cotton cloth panty liners (ai!culotte).
1- Surprise culotte of  your  size (from S to XL), if you need another size please contact me.

The cup

The Naturcup´s menstrual cup is made of medical silicone, it´s super comfortable and it can resists without changing it for 8 hours or more.

Reusable, easy to use like a tampon but with three times more capacity.

You will feel comfortable and worry free during the day and even at night. You will be able to do sports, and all the activities you usually do. You are not going to feel you are wearing it!

A good reason to change your habits and make sure your femininity does not harm the environment. Eco friendly, because the natural thing is not to use and throw away.

Made of a soft 100% hypoallergenic medical silicone.

Made in Spain (Cáceres).

The panty liners

You will have 2 panty liners 20cm long by 17cm wide. Made of 100% cotton.

Formed by four layers.

1 – decorative cotton, outer side.

2 – plus a layer of waterproof and breathable fabric.

3 – absorbent cotton patch in the middle.

4 – Very soft cotton flannel in contact with your skin.


The classic culotte from ai! Culotte, in different and unique combinations.

Always with organic cotton gusset (inside crotch lining).

You will receive a surprise culotte of your chosen size.

All in a gift box, with tissue paper and a red organza bow on the outside.

Sustainable Period Box with menstrual cup
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